Trees are common things around us, and many people just regard them as a decoration in their daily life. In fact, trees can purify the air and beautify the environment. Let's start a clear understanding of trees together.

1. Maintain ecological balance

Because trees can inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen through photosynthesis, they can make the air fresher and cleaner. According to the survey, the oxygen released by one acre of forest can be breathed by 65 people. It can be seen that trees and our human existence are closely related and inseparable.

2. Block the sun

There is a big difference in how people feel in the shade and in direct sunlight in summer. People feel cool in the shade in summer.

This is because the dense canopy and green leaves of the trees can block sunlight and absorb the radiant heat of the sun, thus reducing the temperature in the small environment. In addition, trees can improve and regulate the relative humidity in the air.

3. Anti-solid sandstorm

Since the roots of trees need to be consolidated, they can inhale a lot of dust, and they can also conserve soil and water. One acre of forest can inhale 20-60 tons of dust every year. In fact, in our daily life, floods and other disasters occur in some places, and the main reason is the loss of the protection of trees.

4. Protect the environment

We know that high winds can increase soil evaporation, reduce soil moisture, and cause soil wind erosion. In severe cases, sandstorms can bury towns and farmland. Trees play an important role in protecting the natural environment and help prevent desertification.

5. Helping economic development

In addition to beautifying the environment and having appreciation value, trees also have industrial value and can be made into wood products such as wood and wood carvings. At the same time, trees have medicinal value and can be made into medicinal materials. In addition, trees can reduce noise pollution, and a 40-meter-wide forest belt can reduce noise by 10-15 decibels.

Trees are very important to all life on earth. If the trees in life disappear, it must be a huge disaster for the earth and all life. So how should we protect trees?

1. Save paper

The raw materials for paper production are also trees. During the festival every year, we can receive many greeting cards, so we can reuse these greeting cards. In daily life, we can also use handkerchiefs instead of napkins as much as possible.

2. Don't hurt trees

We must not scribble on the trees, which will easily cause the trees to rot and so on. If it rots, it is easy to cause the tree to wither or even die.

Other than that, remember not to spit on the lawn and not to litter. These are the little things that we can do. We must start from the little things around us and cultivate good environmental protection habits.

3. Call on others to protect trees

In our daily life, we can publicize the concept of tree protection to other friends and family members, so as to attract more people to join in tree protection. The more people who participate, the more obvious the effect will be.