Cactus has been widely recognized by the public for its strong qualities. Moreover, there are many varieties of cacti, which are lovely. They are excellent varieties to decorate the family room. Many people like to put a pot of cactus on their desk.

With the improvement of people's living standards, family potted plants have become an important part of life. Putting potted plants in the living room can beautify the environment, purify the air, and enrich people's daily life.

Cactus is very suitable for indoor cultivation, and placing it indoors can purify the air and protect our health. Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of growing cacti indoors.

1. Purify the air

Growing cacti indoors can reduce air pollution. Its fleshy stems have stomata that close during the day and open at night, releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. In addition, it can also absorb toxic gases in the air, which can greatly improve the indoor air.

2. Absorb radiation

There are a lot of electronic products in modern people's homes, and there will be a lot of radiation, and growing cactus indoors can absorb radiation and protect our health. However, for families with children, it is also very dangerous to place cactus at home. Its thorns are poisonous, and the skin will swell and hurt after being stabbed. It is best not to touch it when it is grown indoors.

Do you think that cactus can grow normally as long as there is sufficient sunlight? If you put it in a pot at home, it is enough to give it enough water and enough sunlight. In fact, there are still many tips for maintaining cactus, so how should we maintain cactus at home? Now let's learn about the knowledge of caring for cactus.

1. Sunshine

Cacti need full sun or they will hardly bloom. Only when there is enough sunlight will the beautiful flowers bloom.

So, to dry the cactus as much as possible, you can lay a layer of light-colored stones on the surface of the potting soil where the cactus is raised, so that the sunlight can be reflected on the cactus plant, which can increase the amount of sunlight on the plant.

2. Temperature

The optimum temperature for cactus growth is 20-35°C. In summer, if the temperature is higher than 35°C, it is easy to be burned and the growth rate is also slowed down. Therefore, it is necessary to sprinkle water properly and cool down. In winter, the temperature is lower than 7°C and it is easy to be frostbitten. You should do a good job of keeping warm, it is best to move them indoors.

3. Soil

Cactus is not afraid of drought, but it is afraid of waterlogging. If there is water in the pot, it is easy to let its roots rot. If you grow it outdoors, there will definitely be water in the pot on rainy days. If the drainage is not good, the cactus will rot easily. So, the easiest way is to use sandy soil.

4. Fertilize

Because cacti grow slowly, long-term fertilizers are more suitable. You can mix nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium fertilizers to enhance the fertility of the cactus.

If you are afraid of poor control, it is better to have a smaller portion. Moreover, there is no need to fertilize frequently, and it can be fertilized once every three or five months or even a year.

5. Change the basin

The root system of some cacti is very sensitive, so it is not advisable to repot frequently. If the cactus grows too large, the pot cannot be loaded, or there are pests and diseases, consider changing the pot. Before changing the pot, tap the pot to make the whole pot soil become active, and then pour out the cactus carefully. It is best to wear gloves to avoid hurting your hands.