In daily life, keeping pets is a very common thing. Some people like to raise some birds and fish to pass the time. Parrots are very interesting pets. They can learn to speak and sing, which is very interesting.

Budgerigars are a very common species of parrots. They are small parrots native to Australia. They have been bred in captivity very early and are easy to breed. They have become very popular pets in the world.

They are various, naughty and cute, and are widely loved by the public. The total number of them in the world exceeds 5 million. They are often the first parrot bought by many people who are just interested in parrots. We can come from the following aspects to know it.

1. Body shape

Budgerigars are similar in size to sparrows, and they are available in most colors except red. They have short mouths, good at biting, and long, slender tails.

From the outside, there is little difference between male and female budgerigars. The distinction is mainly based on their nasal membranes. The light blue is the male parrot, and the red is the female parrot. Budgies have short and hoarse calls.

Budgies are relatively simple to raise, generally strong, not easy to get sick, and easy to breed.

2. Character

Budgies are very personal birds, some are playful, some are gentle, and some are cautious. We need to judge whether more than two budgerigars can be kept in the same cage according to their personality characteristics.

Some budgerigars are domineering, and this type of budgerigar is more suitable for the "one bird, one cage" feeding method. For timid budgerigars, we can choose daring heterosexual budgerigars to share cages with it, because budgerigars of different genders are often less prone to fights.

3. Diet

Budgies eat mostly plant seeds, and their daily mix of seeds includes five-color millet and hulled oats, with additional vitamins and minerals. Using juice with natural seeds is a refreshing summer treat for budgies.

Occasionally, budgerigars also need extra nutrition, and parrot nutrition pills are baked "bird cakes" made of a combination of nutrients (usually ground grains) suitable for parrots to chew on. Most veterinarians agree that an adequate diet should consist of mixed seed grains and nutritional pills, supplemented by other foods. 

In addition, vegetables and fruits are low in fat, rich in vitamins and minerals, and naturally fruity and sweet, making them an integral part of a parrot's diet.

Before feeding the budgies, wash the vegetables and dry all the water on them before feeding them. If there is residual water on it, they may get acute gastroenteritis if they eat it.

Sometimes budgies want to eat a nut. Almonds, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts are some of the nuts that budgies like to eat.

These nuts are rich in omega 3, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and protein. If feeding them, peel and chop the nuts to a size suitable for parrots. 

After learning about the size, personality and diet of budgerigars, do you have the urge to keep one? If you have this idea, be sure to be well prepared before taking them home.