It's human nature to want to be beautiful! And facial cleansing is very important to make you look younger! It looks natural and vibrant. Why clean frequently?

1. The beautiful face is exposed, and various foreign objects will contaminate the facial skin.

Facial skin is also a part of more sebum secretion, sebum secretion plus sweat, aging keratinocytes continue to fall off, plus dust, if these mixtures are not cleaned in time, facial dirt will increasingly clog pores.

Therefore, frequent cleansing of the face, keeping it clean, comfortable and beautiful is the basic condition for healthy skin.

2. To prevent disease.

On the one hand, the lipid film on the face has the function of inhibiting microorganisms and protecting the skin, but it also has the disadvantage that excessive sebum secretion is deposited on the skin.

If it is not cleaned in time and stays on the skin for a long time, it will induce bacterial parasitism. It is easy to cause skin infections, etc.

Regularly keeping the facial skin clean, ensuring the normal secretion and excretion of the skin, and keeping the lipid film fresh is of great significance to maintaining the health of the facial skin.

3. Mild stimulation.

During the cleaning process, towels, cleaning products and mechanical friction are a mild irritant to the skin.

They can enhance the vasomotor function of the skin, improve blood circulation, and enhance skin elasticity.

How to do deep skin care?

1. Wash your face alternately with lukewarm and cold water, and clean your hands with soap before washing your face. Wash your face twice each time.

2. The correct way to wash your face, wet your hands, put the facial cleanser in the palm of your hand to make a foam, do not leave the facial cleanser on the skin, so as not to cause acne, blackheads and other skin problems.

Then slowly draw circles on your face with your hands, massage your face with the pulp of your fingers, and you can clean the facial skin very well.

3. Everyone's skin is different, you should choose a suitable facial cleanser according to your skin condition, preferably a weakly acidic facial cleanser.

4. After washing your face, it is best not to wipe your face with a towel. If you use a towel to wipe your face, don't rub it hard, it will damage the skin on your face, just press the towel gently on your face.

5. Steam your face.

Steaming your face is a great way to cleanse your face. We can apply a hot towel to the face for about 5 minutes to open the pores, steam the sweat and surface dirt on the face, and then rinse it off.

You can also regularly go to the beauty salon for facial cleansing! Make your skin more hydrated!