China has many mountains and rivers, and bridges greatly shorten the distance between cities and save transportation time.

Bridges play an indelible role in social construction and economic development.

Cross-sea and cross-river bridges are even more important across straits and rivers, and they can be as short as a few miles or as long as tens or hundreds of kilometers.

1. Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

The HZMB is a huge bridge connecting Hong Kong, Zhuhai, and Macau, and is of strategic importance in promoting the further economic development of Hong Kong, Macau, and the west bank of the Pearl River Delta.

The HZMB starts from the artificial island of the Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities (HKBCF) in the east, crosses the Lending Ocean in the South China Sea in the west, and connects the artificial islands of Zhuhai and Macau, terminating at the Hongwan Interchange in Zhuhai.

With an overall length of 55 kilometers, it is a super project that will shock the world.

It was awarded the Luban Award for China's engineering and construction for its unprecedented construction difficulty and first-class construction technology.

2. Yangtze River Bridge

The overall length of the whole bridge is 11 kilometers.

The upper part of the bridge is built according to the highway standard and can be used for six lanes of traffic in both directions.

In addition to the diversity of functions, the most important feature of this bridge is its technical complexity.

The span of the bridge is 1,092 meters due to the spacious river surface of the Yangtze River basin where the project is located.

Although the Yangtze River Bridge is not set on the river piers, this does not mean that the entire bridge does not need any support facilities.

Only this bridge uses the design scheme of a suspension bridge.

Set the two towers on both sides of the Yangtze River, the middle of the 1,700-meter-long bridge without any piers below for support, forming a spectacle.

In addition to providing a channel for ships to navigate under the bridge, the design of the bridge also brings an additional benefit.

It avoids the need to build piers to avoid construction in the Yangtze River.

It provides the best possible living environment for the local aquatic life and plays an important role in protecting a range of precious plants and animals, such as the finless porpoise.

3. Beipanjiang River Bridge

This bridge, which spans the karst landscape, is located above the famous Beipan River Gorge.

It is also called the highest bridge across the river in the world due to its height of 565 meters.

Because this is a famous karst landscape, the initial design of this place took a whole year for the related inspection.

In particular, the problem of driving fixed piles in the limestone mountains.

In order to avoid the caves in the whole mountain, as well as some of the cracks.

To prevent problems with the construction of the bridge later, it was only possible to build the bridge extremely high.

Finally, it was also chosen to build at a height of 565 meters, and the construction of this bridge of 1341.4 meters also took 3 years.

The construction of bridges is a reflection of human wisdom.