According to "Kobe News" 24 news, Japan's Hyogo Prefecture Kakogawa City Board of Education said the same day, the city's three elementary schools had 18 lunchtime meals provided with bread mixed with cockroach legs. The bread company involved in the day to the city's 10 institutions to provide 3,800 meals, no students have been found to have health problems.

The Kakogawa City Board of Education said that students at three schools in the city ate cockroach legs, measuring 9mm, 11mm and 25mm in length while eating lunchtime bread. The city's Board of Education believes that the cockroach legs were likely mixed in during the bread-making process. The bakery company involved is responsible for supplying bread to 15 schools in the city and has been asked by the city's Board of Education to stop supplying. The Kakogawa City Board of Education has published a document explaining what happened to students and has come forward to apologize.

How long is the shelf life of all bread?

I. Seasoned bread (such as meatloaf and ham buns, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, corn, and ham salad buns)

Hot processed seasoned bread can be kept at room temperature.

Cold-processed seasoned bread if not eaten immediately at the time, is better to refrigerate.

2. general sweet bread, toast bread (without filling) (such as creamy toast, frozen sweet bread, fancy milk bread)

The shelf life of sweet bread is relatively long, within the shelf life, the taste of bread can basically ensure that no major changes, that is, the bread will still be relatively fluffy.

3. bread with filling, toast with filling (such as bean curd bread, cheese toast)

Bread containing soft filling resistant to storage (such as bean paste filling, coconut filling, and lotus seed paste filling) can be stored for 2-3 days.

4. Danish bread (such as croissants, and Danish grape rolls)

The shelf life of Danish bread is longer.

5. Crusty bread (such as baguette)

The most attractive thing about crusty bread is its hard crust. However, after the bread is taken out of the oven, the moisture inside the bread will continue to penetrate to the outside, which will eventually cause the crust to absorb moisture and become soft. After more than 8 hours, the crust can become unpalatable like leather. Even if re-baked, it is difficult to return to the taste of fresh out of the oven.

6. Bagels

Easy to make, unique taste of bagel bread, the shelf life is also long.

7. Heavy oil bread (such as raisin almond bread)

Heavy oil bread has a long shelf life because of its high oil and sugar content. But pay attention to the production do not arbitrarily reduce oil and sugar, otherwise, in addition to affecting the taste, the shelf life will not be so long.