Paris, through various means, ended up keeping Mbappe in Paris and did not let the core player join Real Madrid who had just beaten him in the Champions League.

After the start of the season, Mbappe found that Paris did not seem to send Messi and Neymar away and bring in his good buddy Joan Armani as promised when renewing his contract.

Leading to his own isolation in the dressing room, completely isolated by Messi and Neymar's flock!

This may be the reason for Mbappe's eccentric temper on the pitch this season, right?

In this regard, the fans have been curious about how much money Paris gave Mbappe to make him stay?

This question was recently revealed!

The Parisienne newspaper gave details of Mbappe's contract extension with Paris.

The newspaper said Mbappe's contract totaled 630 million euros for three years.

On October 23, the French media "Le Parisien" took stock of the top 10 contracts in the history of soccer in terms of amount.

Among them, Mbappe topped the list with a three-year total of 630 million euros, and Messi's previous contract with Barcelona ranked second.

In addition to Messi and Mbappe, the other eight people on the list are from baseball, boxing and rugby sports.

In addition, the Parisian newspaper disclosed that Mbappe signed a 2+1 contract with Paris Saint-Germain.

And the +1 clause is not a team option, the choice is in Mbappe's hands.

It is reported that Mbappe's annual salary in Paris is about 72 million euros before taxes.

Three years of loyalty bonus of 70 million + 80 million + 90 million, a total of 240 million euros, a signing fee of 180 million euros, the total price of this renewal contract for three years is 630 million euros.

Messi's 4-year contract with Barcelona from 2017-2021 has a total price of 555 million euros, but a portion of it has yet to be paid.

The third most expensive contract in football is the one signed by Neymar in 2017 when he joined Big Paris, worth 267 million euros.

I have to say, Paris is really rich!

How horrible is this contract?

Mbappe's 3-year contract not only surpasses Lionel Messi's last 4-year contract at Barcelona totaling 555 million Euros, but is also the most expensive contract in the history of world sports!

In the entire history of mankind, no one has a bigger contract than Mbappe!

The following are the most expensive contracts in sports.

1. Mbappe & Paris Saint-Germain, 630 million euros, 2022-2025

2. Lionel Messi & Barcelona, 555 million euros, 2017-2021

3. Neymar & Paris Saint-Germain, 267 million euros, 2017-2023

4. C Luo & Real Madrid, 220 million euros, 2016-2021

5. C Luo & Juventus, 220 million euros, 2018-2022

6. Bale & Real Madrid, 178 million euros, 2016-2022

7. Pogba & Manchester United, 113 million euros, 2016-2021