Fitness equipment is broadly divided into three categories:

1. Full-body fitness equipment.That can exercise to all parts of the body fitness equipment.

2. local fitness equipment can exercise to a part of the body fitness equipment

3. small fitness equipment, small home, portable equipment, choose fitness equipment to choose a good brand.

Dumbbells as the darling of fitness enthusiasts, small in shape, but very powerful.

The dumbbells can be divided according to the material into rubber-coated dumbbells, cast iron dumbbells, electroplated dumbbells, baked dumbbells and so on.

According to the style can also be divided into weighted dumbbells and fixed weight dumbbells.

Weighted dumbbells can be replaced with weight pieces, generally suitable for home use and more economical.

But the quality is poor and the weight error is large.

Fixed weight dumbbells are generally as small as 2kg and as large as 50kg or more, usually 2 - 30kg is more common.

Dumbbells can exercise to many parts of the body muscle groups, but also with other equipment for multifunctional training.

The reason why dumbbells have become a favorite among fitness enthusiasts is because of their low cost, long life, obvious fitness effects and convenience.

There are many ways to train with dumbbells, such as dumbbell hard pull: a two-headed action and a shoulder action, combining the two actions together to form a complete action.

So that the muscles that usually do not work well together in this action with each other, can promote the training effect.

Sitting dumbbell shoulder push: the upper limb is not just holding the dumbbell, but the muscles of the upper limb are involved with a squeeze grip, passively participating in the whole action, which can raise the pectoralis major and deltoid muscles, and the action is more complete.

The dumbbell shrug, the action looks simple.

But if it is paired with walking, it is still quite difficult, the dumbbell itself is very heavy, in the process of your walking feet a front and a back.

It is very test your core stability strength, which will make you look more strained, and for grip strength is also a very big test, is a very good whole body training.

Do not think that dumbbell dull and bulky large iron block of only belong to muscle men, for women, dumbbells are also very good fitness equipment.

For women is a small, high-density dumbbell dipped in plastic

The internal cast iron, the external rubber wrapped.

Non-slip, sweat-absorbing, comfortable grip, feel good, while a wide variety of colors, girls who love beauty can match a good-looking dumbbell!

Women use dumbbells differently from men's posture.

When practicing, the body starts standing, raises the dumbbells with both hands above the head, and then slowly squats down.

When squatting, put your hands down and squat until your thighs are close to the ground, then slowly get up and control the speed of movement, not too fast.

Or before exercise, open your feet to shoulder width, then hold the dumbbell in one hand and open upwards.

During the exercise, turn sideways, grab one side of the foot without lifting the dumbbell, and then get up.

Alternate the exercise on both sides and do 12 reps on one side, then switch to the other hand, which can be good for burning arm fat.