What are the top land-grade carnivores? There are actually a lot of carnivorous animals at the top of the food chain. Depending on the area of animal life on land, these animals are almost no natural enemies.

They are well-deserved food chain dominance. Let's take a look below.

1. Tiger

The tiger known as the "king of the jungle" is the largest cat in the world today, and there are almost no natural enemies. Jumping, climbing trees, and swimming are their strengths.

It can be said that the tiger is an animal that has evolved perfectly in the animal world. Tigers like to live alone and often hunt in ambush. They are fierce and strong, and their scope of hunting is relatively wide.

2. Lion

The lion is the top killer on the African continent, and their group combat capabilities are very strong. Of course, their individual combat capabilities are also very scary.

In the area where they live, there are no animals that they dare not attack. Zebras, giraffes, African buffalo, and elephants will all become the target of lions.

However, lions rarely attack large animals such as giraffes, and they only choose to attack during the lack of food. Hyenas sometimes snatched the lion's food.

A lion can generally deal with three to four hyenas. However, the study found that the lion snatched the food of hyenas more. This is the law of survival in the animal world.

3. American Lion

The American lion is the largest cat family in North America. Although North America also lives a large number of American tigers, in terms of body shape, they still cannot compare with the American lion.

American lions have the most comprehensive quality. They have a strong bouncing force and can jump on a 6 meter high tree. The American lion runs fast, second only to cheetah, and can increase the speed to 80 kilometers in a short sprint. It is also good at climbing, and it can easily climb up even if it is a cliff.

3. Brown Bears

Brown bears are one of the largest mammals on the ground. The brown bear's forearm is very powerful, and the tip of the front paw can be up to 15 cm. Because the tip of the brown bear cannot be retracted like a cat family, these claw tips are relatively blunt.

When the forearm is swinging, the power is strong, and the "thick" paw can cause great damage. Brown bears are quite regional animals, especially when protecting their territory and food. In order to protect food, they will drive away the wolves and mountain lions, and other bears that invade their territory.

4. Polar Bear

The polar Bear is not a terrestrial creature in the strict sense. Most of them live on the ice of the Arctic Ocean. In terms of combat effectiveness, polar bears are undoubtedly strong carnivores.

Whether in terms of body shape, strength, or physical flexibility, polar bears are very strong. Throughout the North Pole, the polar bear had no natural enemies. Adult polar bears have an average weight of 500 kilograms. When hunting, they can stun the seals with only one slap, which shows their fierce level.