The well-known fiber materials can be roughly divided into several categories: cotton, linen, wool, silk, Rayon, nylon, etc.

The clothes we wear on our bodies cannot be separated from these raw materials.

Among them, silk has become the darling of fashion because of its high price combined with a comfortable experience.

The color of silk varies from beige if it is a domestic silkworm to dark yellow if it is a wild silkworm.

The production process of silk: it is spit out by two glands, which are extremely sensitive to both acid and alkali resistance.

The characteristics of silk are also very obvious, silk is not good thermal conductivity, so silk can also be used as an autumn and winter insulation of clothing

The advantages of silk clothing are as follows.

1. Breathable

Silk clothing fiber is thin and tough, can be woven into a low density, thin and transparent fabric, cool and no sense of bondage.

Comfortable and with low static electricity, good skin-friendly, comfortable fit.

2. Good for the skin

Silk fabric composition is very complex, belongs to a protein fiber, contains many kinds of amino acids that are good for our body.

Mulberry silk fabric contact with our skin can enhance the cellular vitality of our body, but also has the role of preventing our blood vessel sclerosis and anti-aging, thus maintaining the smoothness of our skin.

3. Health and light

Silk clothing and moisture absorption and discharge, and less static electricity, anti-infection germs.

It is the best health fiber; silk clothing is also very light weight, does not increase the burden on the body and easy to carry for long trips.

Silk clothing cleaning and general clothing is different:

1. To wash with a special detergent, if not, but also to choose a weak acid, light color shampoo to wash.

2. Can not be washed with bleach and other alkaline or strong alkaline items.

3. Can not be washed in the washing machine, to hand wash with cold water, and not to rub hard.

4. Such as stains, should be dry-cleaned in a laundry, and that the material of the clothes is mulberry silk.

Please note that the laundry.

Mulberry silk clothes certainly look good, and comfortable to wear.

But then the good high-grade material, still can not hide its small defects, such as easy to rot, easy to draw yarn is a small flaw.

The color rendering is not high, and the color does not stand firmly on the mulberry silk.

It is easy to change in time, the color change is very obvious.

Moreover, the dyeing process is also more difficult than the general chemical fiber, the darker color loss is more serious.

If not serious, it has to add a series of color fixing agent.

Finally is the trouble of taking care of mulberry silk clothes.

Although good-looking, comfortable to wear.

But take care of it requires some thought, such as washing trouble, mulberry silk products shrinkage rate is not good control, moving to dry cleaning.

It is easy to deformation, the need to hang storage.