A good guitar is very important for guitar lovers.

Before picking a suitable guitar, you need to understand the basic guitar knowledge, such as what kind of wood the top of the guitar is usually made of.

The top receives and conducts the vibration of the strings in the first place and plays a decisive role in the tone.


Spruce is a light-colored wood, white and yellow.

Its resonance performance is excellent, wide dynamic range, smooth and translucent sound quality, with any back side plate with a good performance.

2. Cedar

Cedar wood is a little darker than spruce, yellow and red.

Soft wood, excellent dynamics, warm and round sound, from bass to treble are very balanced.

3. Acacia

Acacia has a gorgeous grain and brilliant luster, and is a denser wood.

When used as a top, the tone is sweet but not sharp, clear and bright high frequency, solid and powerful midrange.

4. Mahogany

Mahogany has a wide range of applications.

When used as a top, the overtones are sweet, the tone is round, and its sharp response allows any subtle plucking to be clearly rendered.E

The feel and tone of a premium guitar is more unified and harmonious in every way, including high, mid and low tones.

The high tone is bright, the middle tone is gorgeous and soft, the low tone is thick and powerful.

The strong tone has a solid feeling, the sound quality is pure, no noise, the articulation is sensitive and loud, easy to pronounce when lightly played, long delay, good resonance, and good long-distance transmission.

5. Acacia wood

Acacia wood from Hawaii, is a rare wood.

It is not used very often.

It has a very beautiful grain, often in the shape of flame.

Acacia wood for the top of the guitar looks very luxurious, bright tone, very outstanding.

Tone: Acacia has a warm and thick tone qualities, similar to mahogany, powerful midrange, good penetration, high frequency is obviously more excellent.

It can be said that compared to mahogany ever.

The world famous guitar brands are mainly the following.

1. Fender Fender

Fender is a world-renowned guitar brand born in the United States in 1946, mainly provides guitar, strings, cases and other products.

Its production of guitar not only novel style, and outstanding quality, by the global guitar musicians.

2. Martin

MARTIN is a well-known musical instrument brand started in 1833 in the United States, focusing on the production of high-quality wooden guitars and strings and other products.

Its products are exquisite craftsmanship, excellent performance, highly respected and loved by musicians around the world.


Taylor is founded in 1974 in the United States of America's world-renowned guitar brand, the production of its guitar whether the wood, workmanship or tone and other aspects are very perfect, in more than 60 countries and regions around the world are very popular.


Gibson is from 1974 the United States of America's world-renowned musical instrument brand, focusing on the research and development, production and sales of electric guitar series.

Its production of electric guitar not only a variety of shapes, and excellent tone, loved by many guitarists.