Becoming an It girl is the pursuit of many girls, but who says boys can't also be fashionable? If you want to become a fashionable man, the first step is to refer to the outfits of handsome guys. A successful outfit is an essential element of fashion. Check out the men's fashion influencers worth following.

1. Nick Wooster Ins: nickwooster

Nick Wooster is a veteran of the buying world. His classic and timeless personal style of dressing has made him a god of street photography and a star of the four major fashion weeks. He also has the title of "the best dressed man in the world".

Although the height is only 168, whether it is a well-cut formal suit and suit style, or a variety of street styles Nick Wooste can control it with full aura. He dresses boldly but does not go beyond the category of a gentleman, and is impressed by his profound knowledge and natural taste.

2. Adam Gallagher Ins: iamgalla

Adam Gallagher, born in 1991, lives in New York and is even more popular than celebrities, with 2.15 million fans on ins. Adam was rated as the "Most Straight Men's Mentoring" fashion male influencer by GQ magazine in the United States, and he can often be seen on the LookBook of various street photography websites.

You see, no matter the composition, tone, expression, his products are not inferior to fashion magazines. Born in 1991, he is very good at controlling fashion, gentleman's sports and leisure, he dares to try, and at the same time has his own style. Most of the items he often wears are the basic styles of fast fashion brands, which are simple and casual without losing British elegance.

3. Matthew Zorpas ins: matthewzorpas

British Cypriots, who were once rated as the second most well-dressed man in the UK, have 150,000+ followers on ins. He is not only a fashion practitioner, but has also served as a creative consultant for many brands. His clothes are more British gentleman style, and there is a sense of retro.

Watching him is like reading a history of changing trends. The color system is often combined with basic black and white gray, dark blue, camel, and a small amount of red. He believes that good menswear design should pay attention to the shape. With precise tailoring and trimming, it will look particularly good when worn.

Plaid is an important element of retro fashion in fashion. Whether it is formal wear or small-scale embellishment, it is repeatedly reflected in Matthew Zorpas' outfits.

4. Will Taylor ins: Will Taylor

An influencer with a very personal style, with a strong control over color. Each of Will Taylor's photos is full of color, and it feels good to see it. He said that he wants to inspire people to embrace color.

5. Minsoo Jeong ins: meeeensoo

Minsoo Jeong is the founder of Korean clothing brand enuff nuff and a well-known INS outfit influencer. The most iconic are his retro round glasses and suits. His outfits are more Korean, with a little street in the retro, and a gentleman in the street, suitable for boys who are gentle on the outside but wild on the inside.

6. Takumi Oshima ins: takumi_oshima

Those who like more business-style outfits must pay attention to Takumi Oshima, a fashion blogger in Japan. His outfits have a retro style, which is very suitable for Asian boys who have requirements for work clothes and want to wear high-end fashion.

And Takumi Oshima's collocation is very powerful, because he himself is not tall, but he can use the perfect outfit to cover the height defect.