Many people like sports cars because sports cars have a handsome appearance and super dynamic performance. Its top speed is two or three times higher than that of ordinary cars. And the sound of the sports car is particularly loud, and the difference between its other cars can be heard directly on the road.

When designing a sports car, the most important thing is high performance, high explosive power and high endurance. In short, one word is fast. If you want to achieve faster speed, the car must be equipped with an oversized engine. The displacement system of a sports car is different from that of a family car. The sports car is installed with a large-displacement engine so that it can obtain more power when it is accelerated and started. Therefore, during production, it deliberately chose a weak muffler effect. silencer. If the effect of the muffler is good, it will definitely lead to an increase in the resistance of the engine exhaust, which will lead to a reduction in the power of the engine. There are many factors considered when designing a family car, and the noise can not be too loud, so the muffler effect will be selected. Better muffler. But the sports car is different, and choosing such a muffler will hinder its dynamic performance. So this is the reason why many sports cars are much louder than ordinary cars when they are started.

The body of the sports car is generally two-door, that is, there are only two doors on the left and right, with two seats or 2+2 seats, and the top cover is a foldable soft top or hard top. Because sports cars generally have only two seats for driving, the body is light, and the engine is generally more powerful than that of ordinary cars, so the acceleration is better than that of ordinary cars, and its speed is also higher. The design of sports cars pays more attention to handling, while the comfort and passability are relatively poor. The more advanced sports cars are, the more obvious this feature is. Front-engine sports cars have a longer front and a smaller trunk at the back; rear- and mid-engine sports cars don't even have a trunk, just a small space under the front hood for a spare tire. The common characteristics of sports cars are strong power, trendy appearance and elegant shape.

People who drive often will notice that driving at high speed consumes a lot of gasoline. Why is this? First of all, there are two main factors that affect the fuel consumption of a car at high speed, one is the speed of the car, and the other is the wind resistance. Wind resistance is easy to understand. The greater the resistance, the more energy is naturally required to run the car. The wind resistance will increase with the increase of speed, that is to say, as the speed increases, the wind resistance of the car will increase significantly, and the fuel consumption will also increase exponentially.

However, the wind resistance of the car at low speed is not obvious, and closing the window at high speed is to reduce the wind resistance. The streamlined shape of the sports car is also designed to reduce the wind resistance at high speed, so as to achieve higher speeds. According to the survey, reducing the wind resistance by 10% can reduce the fuel consumption of the car by 2.5%.