With the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, people's lives are getting better and better, but there are also many problems that people ignore.

Due to the improvement in living standards, there is more and more garbage in people's daily life.

This garbage is quietly affecting people. Many people may not feel it, but it has been affecting people's lives all the time. Before the environment deteriorates To the point of no return, please do your part now, let's protect the environment together.

Environmental protection is to study the ways that humans may damage the environment, and then control and eliminate the pollution and damage to the environment by various factors.

In other words, environmental protection means that people use scientific methods and theories to make more intelligent use of natural resources, and at the same time learn and understand the harm of polluting the environment.

To protect the environment in a planned way; to prevent the deterioration of environmental quality, and to control environmental pollution. To promote the coordinated development of human beings and the environment, improve the quality of human life, and protect human health.

"Protection of the environment", this is really a big topic. In fact, there are many details in life that deserve everyone's attention, and many small things can contribute to environmental protection.

1. Refuse to overpack

The production of packaging requires a lot of metal, glass, paper, and plastic, and these packaging products become garbage after one-time use. It is impossible to completely reject packaging, but everyone can reject multiple packaging, excessive and luxurious packaging.

2. The solar economy

The solar economy is stronger, more stable, and less polluting than the current oil-based economy. Widespread use of solar energy is a way out of the economic and environmental constraints of fossil fuels. In daily life, everyone can install and use solar water heaters.

3. Use more soap and less detergent

When soap is discharged after use, it is quickly decomposed by microorganisms, and the impact on the environment is slight in production and use.

Detergents have a greater impact on the environment than soaps. A large amount of wastewater and waste gas is generated in the manufacturing process of synthetic detergents. Phosphate in phosphorus-containing washing powder can stimulate the excessive growth of algae. And death.

4. Carry a shopping bag with you

When it comes to single-use items that are excessively wasted, plastic bags can be ranked first, and this is the easiest change for most people to make.

Bring your own shopping bags to the supermarket. Now there are many lightweight and durable eco-friendly bags that look good. When folded, they are the size of your palm. Keep one in your bag.

5. Carry a water bottle with you

It is really convenient to bring a cup with you, and many coffee shops offer discounts for bringing your own cup. The coffee cup is a good choice. The PP material is light and has a good seal. Choose a capacity that you think is suitable.

6. Replace the disposable packaging box with a silicone packaging bag

Occasionally need to pack food, and carrying a crisper takes up too much space. You can choose a food bag with a silicone material inside to hold the soup, and it will not spill when you carry it. It is also very light and can be folded for storage.

7. Bring your own cutlery instead of using disposable cutlery

If you don't have time to cook, you need to buy takeaways or eat out from time to time. It also makes sense to check "no utensils". Even if you don't carry a cutlery bag with you, it's good to keep a set of cutlery with you.

8. Don't wear animal fur clothing

Behind every fur of a beast is a life or even many. This may sound terrifying, but after careful consideration, it is by no means excessive. Because each beast has only one hide.

Some people chase so-called fads, but they are indifferent to wildlife. At present, many civilized countries in the world have begun to boycott animal skin clothing.