Many people are actually very confused when choosing skin care products. They don’t know how to choose the skin care products that are suitable for them.

A product recommended all over the world may not be right for you. Here are some tips for choosing skin care products, take a look at how to choose the right skin care products for you!

STEP1: Know your skin type

Before choosing skin care products, you must fully understand your own skin characteristics and know what you need in order to choose accurately. We generally know that the skin types are generally oily, neutral, dry, combination and sensitive, and the characteristics of various skin types are also more distinct!

For 5 skin types, the skin care focus of each skin type is different:

Oily skin: Control oil, remove acne, maintain water-oil balance, lock moisture, and close pores.

Dry skin: moisturizing, nourishing, resisting fine lines.

Neutral skin: daily hydration maintenance.

Combination skin: adjust the balance of local water and oil, replenish nutrition in dry parts, and hydrate the whole face.

Sensitive skin: Choose non-allergic skin care products for daily maintenance, and start to improve allergic skin and enhance skin resistance.

You can determine the type of skin care products you probably need based on your skin type.

STEP2: Choose skin care products

Choosing skin care products is also a knowledge! To fully understand your own preferences and needs, choose skin care products targetedly, and choose the most suitable for you according to your needs, don't blindly follow the trend!

Choosing a skin care product that suits you is actually looking for your own fit and product cost-effectiveness!


The degree of fit refers to whether it is suitable for you and whether it is targeted to solve your own skin problems. In fact, according to the above, after understanding your own skin type, you can have a basic concept, and then search and try this function according to this range. Skin care products can be!

STEP3: Know your skin care products and develop good habits

Choosing skin care products is a long road. Every skin care product needs time to settle its functions. It is impossible for the skin to suddenly improve after one day of use! Some skin care products are not obvious.

So you need to fully understand the function of your target skin care products. After using it for a period of time, if it does not have the desired effect, you need to consider whether it needs to be replaced.

If you want to get good results when using skin care products, you must pay attention to the order of use. Do you know which of the commonly used skin care products should be used first and which should be used later?

1. Facial cleanser

Be sure to clean your face before skin care.

2. Toners

I believe that toners are familiar to everyone. In fact, toners belong to a category of lotions, which can play an important role in secondary cleaning and shrinking pores. Don’t think that lotions can replace toners.

3. Essence

Essence products must be used. Since the molecules of the essence are relatively small, the essence must be used first, and the principle of anti-aging - moisturizing should also be followed in the essence.

4. Lotion or cream

Use face serum and then apply lotion or cream. If you have oily skin, you can use only lotion.

5. Sunscreen

You must remember to use sunscreen, and skin protection must be done well. In summer, generally choose a sunscreen product with SPF30 or so. Go to the beach, sunscreen products should be SPF50 times. Choose a physical sunscreen with a lower SPF in winter.