In order to excel at dating, you should master some essential dating skills! There are a lot of things to look out for before a date, be prepared for these to quickly heat up your love and thus advance your relationship.

1. Listen carefully to the advice of good friends

While many people will tell you that your intuition is the most important thing when it comes to a relationship, your friends have known you for years, and they know more about you than you think. They may be able to help you sort out your mind and choices by having an honest conversation with you before the official date.

2. Don't dress too deliberately

Clothing is the first impression, so you should be cautious. A lot of people change out of their usual clothes on a date, dress up deliberately, and even randomly spray perfumes that don't suit them.

In fact, dating clothes are too deliberate and sometimes counterproductive.

3. Don't underestimate your dress time

The important thing about appointments is not to be late. The concept of time is the main manifestation of honesty and trustworthiness, and some people arrive late for appointments to test each other's patience. However, this will greatly reduce the other person's impression of you. Nobody likes to wait. So don't underestimate the time you spend choosing clothes, doing makeup, and dressing up.

4. Prepare a small gift

Use a little brainstorming before the date, prepare a small surprise for the other person or go with a small gift and he will be very happy. You can even choose to date on a rainy day. Is this a bit unconventional? In fact, because of the weather, you will choose indoor activities, drink tea or coffee, chat quietly, and pay attention to each other, and the relationship will be closer.

Going on a date after being fully prepared will make your relationship warm up faster!

For a first-time date, you need a quiet place to get to know each other, so a quiet coffee shop is a good choice. Here you can have a good chat together, and the date here is not so abrupt.

Although going to the movies together is more old-fashioned, it seems that there is no couple who doesn’t go to the movies on a date, so the cinema is also a must-go place for indoor dating! Watching thrillers or touching dramas, you can snuggle with each other and feel emotional A lot of points in an instant.

An aquarium is a great place, imagine pacing slowly with your subject in the romantic atmosphere created by the company of fish and the beautiful light in the aquarium. Especially girls are always so partial to cute things, so in this case, the relationship between the two may heat up sharply.

Dress appropriately for the occasion. How formal you dress depends on where you're going. You don't wear the same outfit you wear at home on weekend mornings. Remember: Dress as formally as your date. If you're not sure, ask the person what they plan to wear.

Show off your best-looking features. Clothes that are too tight can look weird, and too loose can look sloppy, as if you don't take a date seriously.

It's best to find a piece of clothing that fits well. Find the color that suits you. When you're picking a shirt, choose a color that suits your skin tone. You may not know what looks good on you. Ask a friend who you think has more taste and ask him or her to pick one for you - he or she may have noticed that you look particularly good in certain clothes.

Pay attention to hygiene. On your first date, be more careful than usual about your personal hygiene. A clean, uncluttered appearance will make you more confident and attractive.

If you have rough knuckles, apply some body lotion. Get your hair done. Leaves hair looking smooth and soft. If you're going to cut your hair before your date, it's best to do it 3-4 days in advance so you don't have broken hair on your ears and neck.