A suit has become an indispensable piece of clothing for people in the workplace. Wearing a suit will make people look temperamental, decent, and upright. In professional white-collar and industrial industries, such as hotels, banks, insurance companies, civil servants, etc., these industries need trust, so Dressing professionally makes one feel believable.

Secondly, it is easy to identify and conform to specific identities. For example, police officers must wear police uniforms, nurses should wear nurse uniforms, firefighters must wear firefighting uniforms, etc. The occupational classification is very clear.

Finally, it is convenient to work, giving a dignified and certified feeling,

Before wearing a suit, you also need to understand some precautions, and only in this way can you make the most of your suit.

1. Men need to unbutton their suits when they sit down, and buckle them when they stand. Because wearing a suit pays attention to being very wide and compliant, it is easy to form wrinkles when you sit down without unbuttoning the buttons.

2. For a three-button suit, the second button must be buttoned, the third button is never buttoned, and the first button may or may not be buttoned; a two-button suit must be buttoned with the first button, never the second button. .

3. The three-button suit is suitable for medium or thin men, which can make the body look taller.

4. One-button suits are more fashionable and suitable for tall, burly men. If you are not tall and fat, a two button suit is suitable.

5. The socks for formal suits are actually high-top socks, the kind that do not show leg hair after sitting down. If you are not used to wearing such socks, you should also match them with black or navy blue cotton socks. Remember that nylon socks, white socks Socks, colored socks, etc.

6. It is not suitable to wear a suit with an electronic watch or a cool watch. You should choose a leather watch or a metal watch with the same color as the belt and leather shoes.

7. The metal color of the metal strap, eyeglass frame and belt buckle is the same, which looks harmonious and beautiful.

In addition, there are some things to pay attention to in the cleaning of suits. Suit jackets cannot be machine washed. Since most of the suit fabrics are all wool fabrics, 70% wool fabrics, chemical fiber wool-like fabrics, blended fabrics, etc., these fabrics are not suitable for machine washing. Washing the suit in the washing machine will deform the suit, no longer very wide, or even shrink. Expensive fabrics, suits with high wool content, suitable for laundromats or dry cleaners.

Casual ordinary suits, such as synthetic wool-like fabrics and blended fabrics, for those suits that have not been worn for a long time, they should be sent to a dry cleaner to wash out the dirt before storage, and then cover them with a zippered suit sleeve. It can be used to remove dust, and it can also avoid dust, which can clog the fibers of clothes and speed up the wear of fabrics. Never put a suit directly into the closet, as it is easy to produce many wrinkles, or even out of shape, which directly reduces the life of the clothes.