If the sofa is dirty, you need to clean it yourself, so you must master how to clean it. Here are some methods to help you clean the sofa efficiently.

1. For targeted washing, use a detergent to wipe, and use a sponge as the scrubbing tool, because the sponge has good water absorption and friction can also generate static electricity, which is convenient for cleaning the stains of the fabric sofa.

2. Remove it for thorough cleaning, and directly remove it for washing. Most sofas can be disassembled now, so when the sofa is dirty, we can directly disassemble it, wash it with water, and then put it back on.

3. For vacuum cleaners, when cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, do not use a suction brush to prevent damage to the weaving thread on the textile part and make the cloth fluffy, but also avoid sucking with high suction, so as not to cause the thread to be torn off.

In our daily life, we need the most maintenance of the sofa to prolong the service life of the sofa. You can pat the sofa with a dry towel and vacuum at least once a week. Lay a large towel on it, and take into account the armrests, backrests and gaps of the sofa. When using a vacuum cleaner, do not use a suction brush to prevent the weaving thread on the textile cloth from being damaged and make the cloth fluffy.

It is also necessary to avoid sucking with extra-large suction, which may cause the thread to be torn off. You can use a small vacuum cleaner to clean. Fabric sofas are not as wear-resistant as leather sofas, so it is best to avoid sitting in the same position. If the sofa finds the loose thread, do not tear it off by hand, use scissors to cut it neatly.

Many partners feel that when the sun is full, drying the sofa cushions and cushions for a long time can remove the bacteria in the sofa. However, it is not that the longer the drying time, the better. Timely drying can sterilize, and drying for a long time will make the fabric hard and brittle, thus reducing the sofa's use time.

Secondly, most people feel that it is a fabric sofa anyway, and there is no problem with one cleaning method. However, the materials of fabric sofas are still different, such as cotton, suede, linen and so on. For example, cotton or jacquard fabric sofas should be cleaned with water, and suede sofas should be cleaned with professional methods. If they are not cleaned properly, the cloth surface will be damaged.

Finally, many friends believe that frequent patting of sofa cushions and cushions can effectively remove dust. But in fact, the cushions and seat cushions are not beaten frequently, as long as you wash them regularly, frequent beats will cause the cotton in the cushions to scatter and deform.