For many of us ordinary people, most of them are almost sour and unhappy, adding vinegar to meals is a pleasure. But, you know what? In life, there are people who dare not eat sour things. Not only can they not eat sour things themselves, they can't eat grapes, they can't even drink orange juice, and even when they see sour things, when they think of sour things, they can't stand it!

Why is this so? In fact, according to our research, this is also a manifestation of poor heart function, because food that tastes too sour will irritate the mouth and stomach, causing an increased burden on the heart. Therefore, if you find that your heart beats faster after eating something with a sour taste, or you can't look at the food with a sour taste at all, it strongly indicates that your heart function is congenitally bad or has declined.

When it comes to acid, the first fruit that comes to many people's minds is lemon. The sour taste of lemon makes many people salivate when they think of it. The reason why lemon tastes sour is because lemon contains an ingredient called citric acid. If you use pH paper to test the acidity and alkalinity of citric acid, the pH value is generally around 2.

It can be seen that the acid content of citric acid is relatively high. Since the taste of citric acid is sour, and the main component of lemon is citric acid, lemon tastes naturally very sour. It can be said that lemon is a very sour fruit.

Many people easily confuse lemons and oranges, but the two are sweet and the other sour, followed by different peel colors. Oranges are brightly colored, sweet and sour, and are common delicious fruits in autumn and winter. Lemons are divided into yellow lemons and green lemons. From the name, we know that there are two kinds of lemons: yellow and green. The "shape" of the two is also different. Compared with the size of oranges, lemons are more petite.Finally, in terms of nutritional value, oranges are very nutritious. The fruit contains a lot of sugar, a certain amount of citric acid and rich vitamin C, which has a high nutritional value.,Has the effect of helping digestion, promoting body metabolism, and enhancing human immunity.Lemon is one of the most medicinal fruits in the world. It tastes sour and refreshing. It is very good as a juicing partner or a dish ingredient. Green lemon pulp and lemon juice contain a lot of vitamin C and citric acid, which can make the skin smooth and delicate.