Storage is an important factor in home interior design. Home interior design is actually the design and research of people's "lifestyle". The design standards and goals are to meet the specific lifestyle of the space users. Designers need to study people's behavior patterns, the structure of family members and their lives. Habits, in the process of these studies, need to be implemented into the planning and design of the space, furnishings, colors and lighting, etc.

However, the relationship between people and things is an unavoidable space problem in home life. Therefore, the method and structure of "accommodation" are designed according to people's lifestyles, and are the most important design factors in improving people's quality of life and spiritual needs. The storage design needs to be designed according to different spaces, such as dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, study, etc.; each functional space has specific storage requirements. Most of these storage storage designs are embedded, while the storage room The storage design is more professional. Different occupations, hobbies and habits will have different storage characteristics. The storage space structure will have different design characteristics. Therefore, storage design is an important part of people's "lifestyle" design.

Storage also has many benefits for our lives:

1. Plenty of space.

The first advantage of organizing storage is that it can "save" a lot of space. The room is messy, and many things are placed in the wrong place, which is very inconvenient to use.

When you set the corresponding storage and organization functions for each space area, the space can be fully utilized, and of course a lot of space will be saved.

2. The wealth of money.

Organize storage, increase the frequency of use, and always find what you want to use quickly. This saves you a lot of money by avoiding repeated purchases of things you can’t find.

3. Affordable time.

This is obvious, when you organize the storage, locate a lot of things, and take them quickly when you use them, so that you won't spend a lot of time looking for what you want. In general, it is to improve the efficiency of doing things.

For example, a wardrobe can choose a wardrobe

This kind of wardrobe has the advantages of strong storage and labor-saving to take clothes. A large number of hanging rods and drawer-type storage boxes will be designed inside the wall cabinet wardrobe for storage, which has high space utilization rate, flexible and powerful storage. Clothes are hung or folded and put into drawer storage boxes, and seasonal clothes are stored in storage bags and placed on a high place, which is clear at a glance and easy to take.

In addition, it has the advantages of being reusable and cost-saving. "Shelving + curtains" is the most cost-effective combination of closets and wardrobes. A few hundred dollars can be used as a space for storing clothes, which saves a lot of costs. Moreover, the shelf can be disassembled and reassembled for use, so there is no need to spend money to buy it, even if you move or change rooms later, there is no problem.