The famous bridges in history all reflect the characteristics of the times and record the development of human civilization with their vivid images and strong artistic appeal. Today's bridges symbolize not only the progress of design art, but also the development of technology. That's why architects and engineers can combine design and technology to create bridges that are bigger, stronger, and more magnificent than ever before. Let's take a look at the 3 most famous bridges in the world.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

In Jackson Harbour, Sydney, Australia, there is a magnificent bridge known as the world's first single-hole arch bridge, which is the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the largest steel arch bridge in the world, and it took a very long time, taking 8 years to complete. It is a major bridge in Sydney, Australia. It spans the Sydney Harbour and connects Sydney's business center to the North Shore. This striking bridge complements the nearby Sydney Opera House and forms a unique Sydney landscape. Its shape is particularly like a "coat hanger".

It was built by Domen Lang Construction of Middlesbrough, England, under the command of engineer John Bradfield, and completed in 1932. The bridge's highest point is 134 meters above sea level, and it was once the widest long-span bridge in the world. It is like a rainbow across the bay and is majestic. It faces the world-famous Sydney Opera House across the sea and has become a symbol of Sydney.

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge stands on the Golden Gate Strait in San Francisco, California, USA. It is one of the world's famous bridges and a miracle of modern bridge engineering. The Golden Gate Bridge has a total length of more than 1,900 meters and took 4 years to complete, using more than 100,000 tons of steel and costing $35.5 million to build. The Golden Gate Bridge was designed by bridge engineer Joseph Strauss. Because of its historical value, the United Kingdom and the United States co-produced a documentary of the same name in 2007.

The Golden Gate Bridge was opened in 1937, with a total length of about 2.7 kilometers. It is one of the largest single-hole suspension bridges in the world and is regarded as a symbol of San Francisco. During the gold rush, the bridge was like a gate to the gold mine, so it was named "Golden Gate Bridge". The Golden Gate Bridge is also a pioneering work in bridge architecture. The whole bridge is magnificent and unpretentious. The bridge body is vermilion red, lying on the blue sea and white waves. At night, the Golden Gate Bridge flies into the sky like a giant dragon, making the night sky of San Francisco even more magnificent.

London bridge

London has the oldest bridge, called "London Bridge", which is called "London's main gate". London Bridge is the oldest bridge in London, witnessing the rise and fall and historical changes over the millennia. Although the collapsed London Bridge has been rebuilt many times, it can still stand quietly on the Thames and continue to be a witness to the history of London.

At first, it was a wooden bridge, which the Romans built out of wood around AD 50, but it didn't take long for the wooden bridge to burn down in an accident. The British later rebuilt the bridge with stone instead of wood. By the 19th century, the bridge was overwhelmed. The current London Bridge is a concrete bridge built around 1967, which is stronger and more functional than before. This ordinary bridge, from wood to stone, iron to cement, has undergone several changes in materials, but it has witnessed the ebb and flow of London over the past 2,000 years. It can be called the "guardian" of the Thames!