Autumn is not like the enthusiasm and liveliness of summer, nor the cold and indifference of winter. Autumn is comfortable. Comfortable autumn wind, pleasant temperature, fiery red maple leaves... everything in autumn makes people feel relaxed and happy. In such autumn, people can't help wanting to go out for a walk, and people can't wait to integrate into the autumn scenery of nature. Let's take a look at what things should be paid attention to when traveling in autumn.

1. Safety first

No matter what season you go out to play, safety is the most important thing. Autumn is a good time for hiking and wading and viewing maple leaves. When we travel in natural scenic areas, we must follow the guide's instructions, do not act alone, and try not to go to undeveloped areas alone. You also do not go into deep grass to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes and animals. When we go camping in the wild, we need to know something about the environment of the camping site. During camping, it is best for tourists to live in tents, do not sleep on the grass, and do not eat wild fungi and fruits to avoid poisoning. Your safety is paramount and you must remember.

2. Pay attention to allergies

Autumn is also a peak period for pollen allergies. Do not approach flowers that may trigger allergies. For unknown wildflowers, it is best not to pick them, let alone bring them home or put them in your hair. Do not choose to travel when it is windy, because the wind can accelerate the dispersal of pollen.

3. Pay attention to the prevention of infectious diseases during the journey

The dry air in autumn is a period of high incidence of infectious diseases, so we must pay attention to preventing infectious diseases during the journey, such as avoiding talking to passengers who are coughing in trains and buses, and ventilating often.

4. Pay attention to the prevention of weather allergies

If you travel remotely, you must pay attention to "weather allergies". In autumn, the weather turns cooler. At this time, some people should pay attention, especially some elderly people. The elderly are prone to the phenomenon of "weather allergy" under different climate conditions. Its main symptoms are headache, nausea, insomnia, etc., and individual people will have symptoms such as diarrhea and joint pain. According to statistics, people with weaker constitutions are more likely to appear. Therefore, before going out for a trip, you should pay attention to two points. First, you must pay attention to the weather conditions of the city you are going to before going out, and adjust the itinerary and increase or decrease clothes according to the weather changes. Second, for some people with weak constitution, do not go to extreme environments. When traveling, take precautions.

5. Prepare emergency supplies

We also need some emergency supplies for autumn travel, such as a small compass, flashlight and so on. If you are traveling by car, it is recommended to put a thick coat in the car. Although it is not very cold during the day in autumn, the temperature difference is large at night, so bring a thick coat to avoid catching a cold. In addition, you need to bring some snacks to replenish energy and a small medicine box in the travel bag, so that if you accidentally get injured during the journey, you can use medicine to treat the wound as soon as possible.