The art of bridge aesthetics has always been one of the goals pursued and explored by bridge engineers. Bridges with excellent structure and excellent form can often become a representative and excellent road traffic building in a city, and become a beautiful landscape for city residents to watch, so its importance is self-evident.

Contemporary bridge construction is developing rapidly. With the development of today's era, the aesthetic concept of bridges is increasingly valued by the world. People are more willing to see and use a bridge full of formal beauty, rather than a bridge with only transportation capacity. The basis of bridge aesthetic design is to make the bridge not only have the traffic function during its service life, but also give people a sense of beauty with its ever-seeing charm. When people pass the bridge, they will get a kind of beautiful enjoyment and get a feeling of physical and mental pleasure. That is, the combination of practicality and aesthetics, and the unity of structure and function.

In the history of world architecture, many bridges with great engineering aesthetics have been built. Today, let's take an inventory of these beautiful bridges.

Astoria Megler Bridge

The Astoria Megler Bridge is located at the mouth of the Columbia Sea and is a classic bridge on US 101. The bridge was built in 1966, when more than 30,000 residents came to watch the ceremony. When the bridge was built, it also gained a reputation as the world's longest continuous steel structure bridge, which was not surpassed until the 1990s. Because of its seemingly steep height and exquisite shape, it has become one of the important buildings in the United States.

Izzy Bridge

The Ezzie Bridge over the Mississippi River, built in 1874, may seem steep, but it has remained stable for hundreds of years. Today it is covered with rust, and although it is no longer as glorious as it was in the past, it has already set many famous world records at that time. Today, many bridges on the Mississippi River have been abandoned, but this bridge is still standing and standing, making it the oldest bridge on the Mississippi River. Its unique steel arch structure has also become the biggest highlight of the bridge.

Banpo Bridge

This bridge has a spiritual beauty, elegant beauty, and majestic beauty. In addition, this is a double-deck bridge, the upper layer is the vehicle passage, and the lower layer is the sidewalk, which separates the functions of the bridge, which is also its special point. But the most special part of Banpo Bridge is that it is a bridge with fountains. There are 10,000 fountains installed on both sides of the bridge body, which can spray tens of thousands of tons of water per second!