The hot summer is about to pass in a blink of an eye. If you want to catch the tail of summer and welcome the arrival of autumn by the lake, then the following three artificial lakes should be your first choice.

1. Lake Doxa, Greece

Lake Doxa is an artificial lake located in the village of Archaia Feneos in Corchaia, West Bury County, Peloponnese. However, despite being artificially created, the lake still maximizes its natural beauty. Lake Doxa is surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty, and the lush green fir and pine trees create an idyllic view for visitors that will give you the illusion of an almost Alpine landscape.

The lake, which flows along the Doxa creek into the Feneos plain, was established in the late 1990s. The Doxa River has flooded and spread water across the Feneos plains several times in the past, causing severe damage to the crops that grow there. After artificial excavation, such a lake was finally formed.

2. Abraham Lake, Canada

Abraham Lake is an artificial lake located in the province of Alberta in Western Canada. Abraham Lake was opened in 1972 when the Bighorn Dam was built. The total area of the lake is about 53.7 square kilometers. Lake Abraham is named after an explorer who explored this unique area: Salias Abraham. Although the lake is artificial, Abraham Lake still has the characteristics of a glacial lake - clean and pure blue water. The color of Abraham Lake actually comes from the chemical composition of the local rocks. However, the most peculiar thing about Lake Abraham is not how blue it is, but that thousands of bubbles will rise in the lake, which is indeed a rare sight in nature.

In fact, these bubbles are because of the plant community at the bottom of the lake. Rather, some bacteria that feed on algae emit methane gas that creates these bubbles. During the summer, these bubbles rise instantaneously from the bottom of the lake to the surface and are released into the atmosphere. But in winter, because the temperature is very low, the lake water freezes, so the bubbles inside are frozen, and finally this unique and fantastic scene is produced.

3. Lake Powell, United States

Lake Powell is the most beautiful artificial lake in the United States. It stretches between cliffs and canyons, forming a magical water maze. The azure lake water is in stark contrast to the orange sandy beaches and colorful rock walls of various shapes. Boating and swimming on the lake, the boat can move easily, and you can enjoy the wonders of sunlight and canyon rock refraction from different angles. Such charming lakes and mountains are often unforgettable. The Rainbow Bridge is one of the landmarks of Lake Powell, and it is also the highest natural bridge in the world. Its location is on the Utah part of Lake Powell, and it requires a Lake Powell cruise and a short hike to get there.

The canyon walls on Lake Powell contain a variety of minerals, which show different colors under the illumination of different angles of sunlight. The light and shadow of orange, red and purple, together with the azure lake water, form a very gorgeous picture. It enables beginner photographers to shoot works like postcards and has become a must-see for photography enthusiasts and professional photographers around the world.