There are too many islands in the Maldives, and many people say that choosing an island in the Maldives is the most painful thing. Since it is so painful, we can think differently and simply visit all the top-ranked islands.

Each island in Maldives is a hotel, so choosing an island is choosing a hotel. You’re coming here to enjoy so you should focus on the service level of the hotel.

1. Hideaway Island

Hideaway Island opened relatively early, it has been more than ten years, but the review has always been quite good. The island is relatively far from Male. The island is large in size, lush in vegetation, and there is also a beautiful trailing beach. It is a favorite place for many people. Because there are super large coral reefs and trenches, it is also a particularly favorite place for diving enthusiasts. The hotel rooms on the island are large, and if you are lucky, you can get one with the window that can see the beach. Each room of the hotel has bicycles, and each room also has a private swimming pool. During the day, you can go cycling, snorkeling, picnicking, or going to sea, etc. If you have children, there is also a kids club.

2. Emerald Island

Emerald Island is a six-star island in the Maldives. Emerald Island is located in the atoll of the Raa Islands. It is a medium-sized island. There is a 1.5-kilometer cotton-white beach on the island. The resort on the island has 120 luxury villas, of which 60 are beach villas, 60 are sea Villa. Emerald Island is more suitable for parent-child travel. There is a fully equipped children's club on the island, while adults can play more exciting water activities, such as kayaking, kite surfing, windsurfing, etc., or experience comfortable SPA services, the hotel also has fitness center, sports center, etc., where you can play tennis, football, etc., or have a sports competition with your children.

3. Movenpick Island

Movenpick Island is located in Nauru Atoll, a 45-minute seaplane ride from Male International Airport. The island has 72 overwater pool villas, 30 beach pool suites, and 3 beach spa pool apartments. No matter what type of room it is, the resort has designed a private swimming pool, and there is a glass floor in the water house, where you can see the marine life in the sea. The island is also great for families and there is a kids club on the island. In addition, the cuisine of the resort is also worth tasting, there are 4 restaurants offering a variety of cuisines.

4. Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Hura

The Four Seasons Hotel on Kuda Huraa Island is the ace product in the Maldives, mainly because there are almost no bad reviews. The island is relatively close to Male, and it can be reached by a 25-minute speedboat. The hotel's service facilities include yoga, gym, etc., and their services are also relatively meticulous. If it is a parent-child trip, they will provide children with children's special slippers, children's meals, bathrobes, bath towels, etc.

5. Jumeirah Vittaveli Island

The hotel developer on this island is the same company as Dubai's Burj Al Arab, so you can imagine the level of luxury. The resort has 43 beach villas and suites, 46 water villas and ocean view suites. Each villa is equipped with a private swimming pool, the sand house is also equipped with a 50-meter-long L-shaped swimming pool, and some rooms are also equipped with slides. If you want to play, try to bring a swimsuit. Similarly, it is also suitable for parent-child travel or couple travel. There is a children's club on the island. During the day, children can go on adventures and treasure hunting together, while adults can play more exciting sports, such as deep-sea fishing, diving, kayaking, kite surfing, etc., the hotel also provides free snorkeling equipment for snorkeling enthusiasts.