Flower art is a medium for people to show the charm of nature and express people's understanding of nature. It is a way for people to use the flowers and plants in nature as a way to beautify their lives. Let's take a look at some of the most famous styles of flower arrangements.

1. French natural floral arrangement

Natural flower art originated in France. On the basis of traditional European flower design, it incorporates the concept of oriental flower arrangement, emphasizing the new design concept of expressing works by fully observing and understanding the personality, posture and growth of flowers and plants. Its design is inspired by nature itself, emphasizing the starting point from the flower material itself.

2. English flower arrangement

If Europe is the place with the highest level of horticulture in the world, then the UK is the country with the most popular horticultural culture. British flower arrangements like to add a variety of seasonal flowers to create a natural and elegant style, and especially like to use a lot of bright flowers to create a sense of weight.

3. German-style floral arrangement

Architecture floral art originated in Germany. Designers use association, symbolism, intention and other methods to create a theme structure by shaping different materials, and then create fresh-cut floral art. It breaks the limitation of flower arrangement, creates more freedom, and expresses more boldly and novelly.

4. Korean flower arrangement

Korean men and women like to wear white plain clothes, which is inherently known as the "white nation". Under the influence of its clothing culture, it has also formed its own national style on the flower arrangement. The most notable feature is clean, neat and delicate handwork, which emphasizes following the natural regularity of flowers and paying attention to details.

Flowers can make our lives colorful and make our dull life more ritualistic. Flower arrangement is an art that can beautify the monotonous flowers and plants into an indispensable part of the home space. How can we learn flower arrangement with zero basics? Let's learn together.

1. Report flower art training class

If you don't know how to arrange flowers, you can spend money to enroll in flower arrangement training classes. It is a common way to learn flower arrangements, because flower art teachers will teach you different basic knowledge of flower arrangements according to the basic knowledge of flower arrangements. The flower art teacher will also teach you how to use different flower materials to make different flower art works.

2. Go to a flower shop to learn flower arrangement

Some flower shop operators will recruit novice employees who want to learn flower arrangement to go to the flower shop to learn flower arrangement, etc. In the flower shop, you can learn flower arrangement knowledge such as flower identification, flower maintenance, bouquet packaging, gift box making and so on. Learning basic floral skills in a florist often takes 2-3 months of study time.

3. Go to the flower studio as an assistant

Some people who want to learn flower arrangement will also go to some independent flower studios as assistants. In this way, we can learn the knowledge of flower arrangement skills from there, because each florist has a different style of flower arrangement, so as assistants, we must learn skills and create from the details of the florist.

4. Online flower art video tutorial

We find a lot of video tutorials on the Internet every day. If you want to learn flower arrangement, you can find teaching videos on the Internet to learn flower arrangement skills. The flower arrangement knowledge we learn in the network environment is not systematic and comprehensive, but the advantages are that there is no cost, free time, and no restrictions.